8 things to do when you run out of subjects to blog about

June 15, 2006 – 10:07 am

by Darren

Blog burnout can happen to anyone. It’s most likely if you run a blog about a narrow field. The more you cover the same material, the less likely you are to come up with something completely new. What types of things can you do to ensure you don’t become a victim of blog burnout?

1) Read other blogs. Even if you’ve run out of ideas, it’s doubtful others have. Even great comedians need to watch others to help with their material. Great rappers are famous much of the time for commandeering entire lines or even whole verses from someone they admired. You don’t want to be a plagiarist at all, but it’s okay to look outside for influences.

2) Put your blog down and go live life. Sometimes the easiest way to get through a dry period is to put down what you’re doing for awhile and forget it. When you come back to your work, refreshed, you’re bound to have greater success than when you left.

3) Have someone else do the blogging for you. Guest bloggers are frequent contributors on long-running blogs because the regular bloggers need breaks like anyone. A blogger returning from a well-needed vacation is a productive blogger indeed.

4) Change something in your environment. Are you blogging in the same room? Do you stare at the same objects of art each day? Is the environment your blog in a sea of tranquil beauty? Perhaps you need to change how your perform the basics of the job.

5) Ask your readers what they want to see? You can add a feature based on reader responses. If you don’t ask, they won’t let you know. Any feature that you custom tailor to a specific audience is bound positively affect your readership.

6) Read a lot more news on your chosen subject. Comb through press releases and the like. Consider that on any given day, hundreds of companies are likely to release some sort of news that could affect your subject. Dig in and see if you can find something unique and interesting to blog about.

7) Interview another blogger. Bloggers are loquacious types. They love to talk about themselves, so an interview with a blogger could be interesting to both you and your readers.

8) Write something new about the same old subject. Just challenge yourself to write a better piece than you ever have before, about a subject you’ve covered ad nauseum. If you can rise to that challenge, you’re one calm and collected professional. Part of being grown-ups is we have to do things that we may not always like, in order to advance. If you dig into a frequent subject, try to look at it from another viewpoint.

What are some other ideas you can think of? Do you suffer from burnout when blogging at all? What do you do to overcome it?

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  2. All of these are great tips.
    I like point number 5. If you respond to their wants and needs, they’re likely to be more engaged in what your blog has to offer them. Knowing your audience is a great way to keep them visiting.

    By Heather on Jun 15, 2006

  3. i found over the last year,people over 50 like to reminesce about their childhood lives…write blogs on your childhood and times known as the good old days?? cheer dennis


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