10 essential elements for building the perfect blogger

June 9, 2006 – 11:42 am

by Darren

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I’ve been enjoying writing lists lately, and I even gave the advice to others to come up with unique ideas, so hopefully this list hasn’t been done before. Let’s take a look at some of the traits that would make up the perfect blogger if we were to create her from scratch.

No list can be complete, of course, so this one will be relatively general, and I’d love to hear any additions you have. The perfect blogger would have:

1) She would have impartial fairness. She’d be the type of person who had natural wisdom and wasn’t overly influenced by the opinions of others.
2) She would be a lone wolf by nature. She would be a sociable person, but one who is self-motivated and can operate in the absence of company.
3) She would possess infinite patience. To become ruffled easily is not a good trait for most bloggers and having a hair-trigger temper only clouds your judgment.
4) She’d be able to focus on mundane tasks for as much time as necessary.. A lot of blogging, or any human endeavor is boring, but necessary work. The Devil is in the details, as they say.
5) She’d balance the interests of commerce with those of conscience. Our perfect blogger would be someone who made money effortlessly, while striving to be a good person.
6) She would be a master of the written word. As she progressed in her chosen craft of blogging, she’d improve her writing skills daily.
7) She’d master the technical world. Our blogger would know how to edit her templates, design her header images, set up her RSS feed and more. No point relying on others for the bare essentials of your profession.
8) She’d get better at blogging each time she posted. She would learn something new about herself or about blogging as she went about her daily business. Her readers would be rewarded by watching her talents emerge.
9) She would be dilligent in her research and professional in her presentation. Our ideal blogger would always try to find out the real facts and present them as clearly as possible. She wouldn’t take the easy way out, just to say she posted for the day.
10) She would make the most out of every day. This is true for all of us, of course. We need to make our most out of every day because time on Earth is short. Our blogger would always represent this position as she looked to exploit every opportunity each day of her life to its’ fullest potential.

Of course this list is not complete, and it represents only my opinion. What are some of the traits that you think make up the perfect blogger? Is there even such a creature?

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