7 traits of the best products or services to sell online

June 5, 2006 – 9:44 am

by Darren

If you blog, the easiest and arguably the best way to make money is to sell a product or service directly. Some people sell themselves (the most precious commodity of all) directly to their audience. For most people, it’s easiest to be an affiliate or Adsense type affiliate and help other websites sell products and services indirectly. The choice of partner you make is critical, and will determine your profit potential. But whatever you do, you need to identify the reasons certain products or services outsell others and there are a great number of reasons why.

1) No shipping involved. If you can sell a product that doesn’t have to be shipped physically to an end user, you are already ahead of the game. Something that doesn’t bend, break, or damage, and something that doesn’t get returned often will help keep your expenses low and your profits high.

7 traits of products

2) Only represent products or services with the finest reputation. Or if not, make sure they pay a lot. A product or service which you’ll represent on your website needs to be something reputable, so it’s much easier to sell. If it’s a harder to sell item, or something that is questionable in nature and you decide to proceed, make sure they pay alot. I’d say $60 per transaction or higher at the least.

3) A product that is not very susceptible to fraud. Fraud is the biggest challenge everyone faces as a web marketer. Sure a guy wanted to pay $19.99 for access to a porn site on Friday night when he’d been drinking. By Monday he’s on the phone disputing the charges and your commission comes back. Products with high buyer’s remorse will bite you in the end.

4) Products with high profit margins. The more you can make per transaction, the better. But if it’s a lower cost item with high profit margins that sells a lot, then it could still make you a great deal of money. High profit margins make for great website revenues.

5) A product with no middle men. Since you’re not selling the product yourself, you want to deal with the actual person or company who is. The more middle men in any deal, the more likely things are to get messed up.

6) The product gives you a chance for repeat sales to the customer. Things like batteries run out of life and need replacing. A battery affiliate program represents a chance of repeat sales because the customers will need the product again and will purchase from a place that did right by them.

7) Sell a product or service that has broad appeal. If you rely on traffic to make sales (all affiliates do in the end) then you want to be able to cast a wide net when selling products. The bigger your potential market, the better.

If you find a high paying program or keyword, stick with it. Branch out and capture more of the share. The single biggest obstacle to finding income online might be finding the right products to promote. Hopefully this list was helpful.

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  2. Hmm number 3 a i bit hard to aviod : A product that is not very susceptible to fraud.

    I think all product are susceptible to fraud, for instants I got an email a few days ago telling me that a person still had not recieveid there item and that they may take further action

    The odd thing is, I had never signed up to ebay?????

    online fraud is a hard one to avoid.

    By mikey on Jul 25, 2006

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