Blogging on the weekends

June 4, 2006 – 10:12 am

by Darren

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My traffic on all of my websites tends to die off on the weekends. It’s no surprise, the majority of people work during the week and when the weekend rolls around, head outdoors or spend time doing their favorities hobbies. This may not be true of all subjects (I imagine college football sites would do well on Saturday), but it’s true for me.

This leaves me with a dilemna. Should I decrease my frequency of posting because less people are reading it? Or, should I stay at a normal weekday level to fill the void left by bloggers who take the weekend off. I’m leaning towards keeping the frequency up, because I have the time, and I’m already developing the sense of blogging as a duty.

Closed sign

Once I get it in my head that something’s a duty of mine, I tend to execute it until something drastic happens.

The best part is, it almost always rains around here on weekends, so I have plenty of time to man my terminal. For people who live in warm and sunny climates, I recommend going to the beach and forgetting all about your blog for the day! Well, I guess you can’t go everyday. Plus, you could always get up early and post first thing in the morning. That way your blogging will be finished early.

Does your blog have less traffic on the weekend? Do you blog around holidays or slow your posting down?

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    1. 2 Responses to “Blogging on the weekends”

    2. i find dips during the weekend too, sometimes i counter that by doing more ‘marketing’ during the weekend.

      funnily enouh there was a lits on seth’s blog yesterday, and one of the items was, blog on weekends, there are less readers, yes, but also less people posting, and more chance of a new reader finding you, and the probably have more time to read too.

      so i would imagine you get the quantity on weekdays, and quality on weekends


      By ming2.0 on Jun 5, 2006

    3. Thanks Ming,

      It makes a lot of sense. What type of “marketing” do you do weekends?

      By Darren on Jun 6, 2006

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