The Mind of the Millionaire Blogger

May 29, 2006 – 8:19 am

by Darren

Recently I spoke about how important it is to view your blog as an investment, and one that goes up in value. To think of yourself as being in a lowly position as a blogger is just nuts. Blogging is where it’s at, and no one can fault you for making the right decision to blog. If your activities haven’t helped you find the money your looking for yet, don’t despair, your building long term value for yourself, your readers, and the internet at large. Each day as you invest more of your time and resources into your blog, the value of your blog goes up accordingly.

Ahhh, isn’t that better? Turns out your blogging isn’t a wasted effort at all. Looks like you’re actually making money, you just haven’t sold your blog yet and realized the gains yet. That’s okay. Much of the wealth we hear about in this world is “on paper” and doesn’t materialize until after someone’s death or a major transaction. Fortunately, you don’t have to die to unleash the value of your blog. You merely have to systematically monetize your website, or sell it to someone who can do it for you.

Rolls Royce Blogging

Sell at a price that exceeds your current income for the whole year, and you may end up having the best year of your life. Millionaire Bloggers aren’t worried whether their AdSense revenue tanked for the holiday weekend, because they know the intrinsic value of their website is rising commensurate with their efforts. Do they know the exact day the money will be realized? No, because it doesn’t matter. Millionaire Bloggers know the value is there, regardless of what third party endorses their viewpoint.

Millionaire Bloggers aren’t afraid to blog, and they aren’t afraid to go with their gut when it comes to making decisions about their websites. They don’t “follow the crowd”, because they know that money in the bank is more important than the lip service praise they might receive for being just like everyone else.

Millionaire Bloggers are simultaneoulsy relentless creators of wealth as well as destroyers of marketing myths
. They blaze paths. Millionaire Bloggers aren’t afraid to push the envelope of technology and creativity, but they put users above all else. They never fail to listen to what the market is telling them. No matter how great a Millionaire Blogger might think an idea is, they always rationally and dispassionately analyze it under the harsh glare of reality. Blogging is a business, and Millionaire Bloggers are the agile and accomplished Business People who excel at their craft.

Are you a Millionaire Blogger? All you have to do is take the pledge:

“I, ______ promise to put my readers above all else. I promise to deliver a message of hope to an ever increasing global marketplace. I will stay on top of the technology of my chosen field, and I will always run my blog like a business.

I am a Millionaire Blogger. My goal is to create wealth for myself while making the internet a better place. I will always place creating value above other principles which stand in the way of my website’s development.

Once you adopt the Millionaire Blogger Mindset, life as a paid blogger can only get better. When you realize you’re part of a burgeoning system of wealth creation the likes of which the world has never seen, and every day you spend “married to your WordPress”, you recognize the rightness of your path, and the ease of your task. Good luck to all of you!

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  2. Where do I sign?

    Readers are the most valuable asset a website (of any sort) can have.
    If there is nothing there for the users, your users will soon forget about what your site has to offer them.

    Keep the helpful information coming ;)

    By Heather on May 29, 2006

  3. Thanks Darren, for the reminded that blogs offer a unique opportunity for each of us — readers and writers… to use more mental creativity to build a better world… You offer wonderful tips here — have you considered putting these into a book eventually… I’d be first in line to buy one!

    By ellenweber on May 29, 2006

  4. Thanks so much Ellen! I really appreciate the kind words. This blog is a book that’s being updated every day :) And no trees are ever hurt in the production ( or at least I hope they aren’t)

    By Darren on May 30, 2006

  5. Darren, I like that approach — and I sense it will takes these ideas to the peaks. All the best — and I look forward to more of your ideas in future…

    Brain Based Business

    By ellenweber on May 30, 2006

  6. Thank you so much for encouraging all the bloggers out there. I trully believe my blog is a cash machine. I like what i’m blogging about and i’m comforatble doing it. I’m having fun at the same time i treat my blog with respect beacuse it is my investment. Lets keep blooging. Take the positive with you and keep rolling. Check out my millionare blog at
    Peace and blessings

    By Adada on Mar 25, 2007

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