Blogging versus babbling - running out of material

May 20, 2006 – 10:25 am

by Darren

Darren Rowse made a nice post about running out of material on your blog. It’s not hard to imagine how this can happen, especially in a narrow niche. But as Darren points out, the argument is not as easy as you’d expect. I guess one of the main things I notice about blogging is that the material is completely time-sensitive. It’s a lot more accurate to look at a blog as a magazine, then it is to think of a static website in the same way. People don’t expect all content websites to update often, but they do expect blogs to.

The immediate nature of blogs is what makes them so interesting, and it’s also what can keep you posting fresh information. There’s almost always at least some “news” you can report on, in all but the smallest niches. Even then, you can take another stab at explaining something that you’ve touched on before. This time, you can go into great detail and really lay down some new info that will wow newbies and veteran readers alike.

Since you’re not charging anything for the info on your blog, your readers shouldn’t really complain if it sucks!
Okay, I’m just kidding, but let’s face it: you might be forgiven if you have an off-day and “phone it in”. This won’t become a major issue until all of your material is sludge, but you want to keep your intensity in check. Not every post is Shakespeare, but you must stay well-crafted, and unique and clear in your thoughts. A blog is a glimpse into someone’s mind, and there’s nothing scarier than the maze of ramblings you sometimes find if a blogger isn’t careful. Trying to stay fresh is a sure principle for continued success marketing online and blogging.

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