5 reasons blogging is the best job around

May 19, 2006 – 12:03 pm

by Darren

If you’re considering blogging as a source of future employment, I think you’re making the right decision. Not every blog will be successful enough for the webmaster to earn money, but ones that do are worth their weight it gold. Here’s 5 reasons blogging is the best job around.

1) Blogging allows for very flexible work hours. You can blog pretty much anytime you want to, without the rigid schedule you’ll find in most jobs. In fact, time moves differently in cyberspace, so you can use blogging to your advantage. Most bloggers will not be sitting in their office rigidly working 9 to 5 shifts. The flexible hours give you a chance to succeed on more than one level.

2) Blogging can be done from anywhere. That’s right, it doesn’t matter where you blog from, because your visitors just don’t care. If you post high-quality content in your bathrobe each morning, the world won’t think less of you. Blogging allows for people who exist anywhere in the world to come together in a global marketplace.

3) If you want a raise, you can always blog more. Getting a raise from blogging isn’t easy, but it’s possible. And you don’t have to ask the boss for a 4 percent cost of living increase either. As you build your website each month, and add more and more unique and valuable content to the internet, your earnings will increase in kind. The more work you put in blogging, the more money you stand to make.

4) You get to be your own boss. You’re in charge of your website, from design through blog posts. All of the content is yours, and you’re free to do what you want with your website. With changes you make, you may be able to increase your revenue, or you may end up attracting more readerships. There’s no “red tape” when dealing with yourself, so you can move fast and respond to the market’s desires because you’re not part of a bureaucracy.

5) Blogging forces you to stay in tune with modern technology. A profession like blogging requires constant adaptation. Being prodded to stay focused and to improve your core skills is a great thing. Anyone who’s currently in the global competitive employment market knows that having a vast skill set allows you to command higher pay. Being a blogger means you work hands-on each day with the newest web tools. You also communicate with an audience of tech-savvy readers who will help keep you informed about the latest breakthroughs. Blogging for a living means you get to stay on top of the rapidly changing web.

These are just a few of the most common reasons that blogging is the best job around. If you can think of any others, please let me know.

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  2. Very nice post, I think its the best job around also, thats why im working hard at hopefuly one day making it my “full time job”. My dream is to earn, be my own boss, and travel all at the same time.

    By Matt on May 25, 2006

  3. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the kind words. You picked a good subject for problogging. I have an HDTV site I’ve done little work on, and the CPM is quite high. Plus, there’s not a ton of info on it out there either.

    By Darren on May 25, 2006

  4. No problem Darren, I run a few blogs now, HDTV is one of my newest, glad you think I picked a good topic, it seems to be doing well. Although im a little disappointed with the CPC of about 10-15cents average :/. Seems like it’s showing a lot of lame “made for adsense sites”.

    By Matt on May 26, 2006

  5. I was clicking through your various posts and stopped at this one. It struck me as interesting because so much of it is similar to the reasons I got into consulting. However, I think you’ve done a great job of bringing this down to the blogging angle.

    By Become a Consultant >> Andrea on Jun 3, 2006

  6. Okay, I was reading your posts and I’m intrigued . . . how long have you been doing this? Are you full time? Is it alright if I ask these question? You are very articulate, and I enjoy reading your posts (I followed your link over from another blog). I’ve been reading about blogs and was curious about it.

    By Joyce Filbeck on Jun 9, 2006

  7. Hi Joyce,

    Thanks for the kind words. Of course these questions are okay. I’ve been a full-time web marketer since 6/2004 when I sold my ISP business.

    To clarify, I make most of my money from static websites and only started blogging seriously 3/12/2006. I’m really getting hooked though.

    I’m confident that blogging (with podcasting of course) is an important part of everyone’s future in communications.

    By Darren on Jun 10, 2006

  8. Just an update on the hdtv site I mentioned, now getting about $25-$35 CPM which im very happy with!

    By Matt on Jun 10, 2006

  9. Good work, Matt

    I’m sure it will stay high. Gadget/consumer electronics traffic is always going to be profitable, IMHO because of the huge consumer demand.

    By Darren on Jun 11, 2006

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