Technorati performs too poorly to be successful

May 9, 2006 – 6:09 am

by Darren

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The website is just too slow for me to take them seriously. I’m sure I’m not alone, as most users of web services become users due to solid and continous service. Google made themselves into the most successful web company by performing solidly. It’s rare that you’ll ever experience a latency issue on either Yahoo or Google when you search, and they handle a lot more traffic than Technorati.

Technorati has received a ton of free press coverage, and they have huge amounts of incoming links (being built into the WordPress control panel can’t hurt), but actually trying to use their site results in a great number of broker queries and pages that flat-out won’t pull.

This lack of technical ability is a real problem for a website that’s alleging to track every blog on the internet. It’s clear they must not be able to handle it. If they don’t fix the problem very soon, they’ll be abandoned by frustrated users.

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