Another good reason to blog: your career could use the boost

April 25, 2006 – 12:40 pm

by Darren

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Turns out almost anyone can benefit from blogs, according to an article in the Boston Globe. More and more people are finding out that a blog can be very helpful, especially in a public relations manner:

‘It’s the new public relations and it’s the new home page. Instead of a static home page, you have your blog,” he said. It’s a way to let people know what you are thinking about the field that interests you.

The article even gets into ranking in Google:

Employers regularly Google prospective employees to learn more about them. Blogging gives you a way to control what employers see, because Google’s system works in such a way that blogs that are heavily networked with others come up high in Google searches.

It looks like they’ve hit upon an essential truth in this article. Yes, blogs are extremely important tools, especially because of how they can help you format your reputation and image. For people online, blogging is already an important tool to share their images. In fact, blogging is a sure-fire way to increase your reputation beyond your local community.

Keep in mind that your blog can serve as a resume for you, and this includes any misdeeds you’re capable of too! If you plan on using your blog to promote yourself professionally, be aware of how you conduct yourself in your posts. If an employer dislikes your blog, it could definitely affect whether you get the job or not.

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