How to tell people you blog for a living

April 14, 2006 – 5:54 am

by Darren

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Having a new-age high tech job is great, except for one minor detail: most people don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. If you mention you make your money online, the average person immediatedly thinks “PORN”, and it’s not hard to understand why. People tend to reflect their own desires on you. I personally don’t care what people think, as long as my bills are paid, but in case you do, here’s what you can say.

You: “Turn your head to the left”.
Questioner turns head to left.
You: “Turn your head to the right”.
Questioner turns head to right.
You: silence.

You (finally): “I just pimp-slapped you without lifting a finger”.

Okay, that’s not really what you want to say, either ;) You explain the vast potential of blogging to them. You explain how Technorati has outlined the exponential growth pattern of the internet and blogs. Explain how the internet is growing by a rate of 25% in page views every year, so even if you were average, you’d be doubling your money every few years! If this still hasn’t impressed your questioner, then you’re talking to someone without an ounce of entrepreneurial spirit.

If someone acts like you need to get a “real job”, it’s time to get hostile. “I got a real job, buddy. I get paid 365 days per year, while I sleep. Do you? If I’m sick and can’t go to work I can still earn!”. Let’s talk about some other positives of the blogging job:

  • 1) No exposure to the elements. You’re nice and safe inside.
  • 2) No heavy lifting. You shouldn’t even break a fingernail while you’re working
  • 3) An increasing business tide which promises to lift all boats even higher
  • 4) A residual income that can pay you on days where you cannot work

If all this is not enough, forget it. Maybe grandpa will never understand, and that’s okay too. One thing people do understand: a brand new house or car. When you buy something really impressive, your detractors will instantly become fans. Those who doubted you will hang on your every word at cocktail parties.

No matter how you word it, make sure your pride in your lifestyle and income come through. You have every reason to be proud: in a world where people are trapped in dead-end jobs with mediocre futures at uncaring companies, you’ve managed to be your own boss and the captain of your own destiny. For that, you deserve everyone’s admiration.

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