Principles of making money from your blog

April 13, 2006 – 1:07 pm

by Darren

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Commercial blogging is on the rise. Weblogs Inc. inspired many a person to consider becoming a blogging professional when they were purchased by AOL for $25 million. That’s a lot of clams, and all the other fish in the ocean quickly took notice. Within seconds of this deal, one could hear a sound. It was the sound of one million keyboards clackling away as financially-inspired webmasters registered blog network domain names. With blog networks on the rise, and commercial bloggers springing up in the hundreds of thousands, it’s time to consider what why some will sink and others will swim.

If people understand their markets, they’ll have no problem monetizing their blogs. But be realistic. Sometimes the idea of following passion as a main motivator is heroic, but you need to show a Vulcan grip on logic and go after what pays if you’re attempting to earn a living off of your posts. If your readers don’t convert for someone along the way, you’re severely hurting your chances of increasing your revenues.

Tightly defined blogs that are focused on high paying niches are bound to succeed.

If you run a blog about laptop batteries, and it’s popular with readers, you’ll have no problem monetizing your traffic. The reason should be obvious. There are many companies advertising to sell laptop batteries online and they would be happy to pay you for the privilege of having those customers visit their website. It’s a win win situation. If your website is less defined, you can easily run into trouble.

If your blog is mainly comprised of your opinions, or covers vague subjects, you’ll have a tough time monetizing unless you appeal to a truly mass audience and are able to strike a high-paying CPM deal which will pay you for every page view. If you’re attempting to make your money through YPN or Adsense, you’ll want to cover subjects that popular, and which have a large number of vendors who offer products.

If you find a niche that has too much competition, you’ll end up having a rough time ranking, which will kill revenue. If there’s too little competition, there won’t be enough of a market to even worry about. You have to find the balance between competing in a field where you actually have a chance of being one of the top blogs. Don’t cut yourself too thin, and always write about the subjects that are hottest to your readership at that time.

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