Gutenberg rolls over in grave: WordPress replaces printing press

April 8, 2006 – 7:29 am

by Darren

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The World was a primitive place in 1436. Times were tough and it was rare that someone would make a scientific discovery. The fact that no one could share newly discovered information made the advancement of civilization impossible. People were forced to live a life of squalid impoverishment, and the few super-achievers of the era were unable to share their prowess, except through oral communications, which is notoriously biased. In short, there was no passing along of information, in the way the original author intended the message to be received.

The printing press changed all this. People could now put to words their thoughts. And these words could be preserved on paper intended for a mass audience that could exist, even past their lifetime. This sparked an era of advancement that still continues to the day. But like all great ideas, the seeds of destruction were planted with the initial discovery of the printing press. Printing was an expensive art, and before long, only those skilled in commerce or politically connected, could expect to have any shot at reaching the mass audience. The press became an instrument of power, which has been wielded by media moguls of all nations, often without the best interests of the populace in mind.

The invention of the blog is a technical advancement that threatens the established order

In a few short years, blogs have gained tremendous mass appeal. Unknown bloggers have become celebrities, and people have started cottage industries which are earning tens of millions of dollars. Even more fundamentally, blogs are changing how people view the media. Journalists have been heavily involved in the growing field of blogging, despite the fact, or perhaps because of, that there jobs are threatened by the continued growth of blogging. In fact, in the Adsense Era, many journalists can probably make more by maintaining their own blogs than they could if they kept working.

The revolution of blogging is real. In China, the government has a hard time even keeping up with the new blog posts in a day. Censorhip will be impossible as even more people come online.

Power to the People! 

Get out there and blog right now.  It doesn’t matter what the subject is.  There’s room for everyone in the modern web era.  Every year the internet grows by an estimated 25% in page views.  You cannot lose on blogging.  If you’re a bad writer, then blogging will help you practice.  Get involved.  Turn on, tune in and drop out.  Okay, that last one was a bit much :)  Tune in, get focused, and get earning is my updated view.   When you blog now, you have a chance to turn nations on their ear and to knock kings from their thrones.  Somewhere, Johannes Gutenberg is smiling. 

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    2. I really enjoyed reading your post, I have just started blogging and I find it wonderful, Paper will be gone in no time.

      By Paul on Jan 3, 2008

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