If you keep on blogging, you’ll pass someone

April 3, 2006 – 2:35 pm

by Darren

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The beautiful thing about blogs is the bias towards freshness. This is the key opening where you can make your impact if you’re a new blogger. Although established blogs always do well, blogs that aren’t updated tend to fall off. If you’re active, you have a chance to move yourself up because others have fallen off.

I’ll admit this thought is not the most inspirational one I could come up with, but it’ll have to do. When you’re new, you have very few advantages over established and active blogs. However, you can still make ground if you blog and others fall off. They might not blog as much or they might not have as good of content as they used to. As their performance falters, you’ll be there to pick up the pieces and get new readers.

The main skill of a new blogger must be dedication. You need to persist early on, when you don’t have anyone encouraging you to keep going.  Just think of a future when you have lots of visitors, and try to keep blogging.  I know I will.

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