April progress report

April 2, 2006 – 5:46 pm

by Darren

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Results have not been too bad at all for the Blog Republic in its’ initial stages. March was not even a full month (starting on the 12th). There are currently 59 pages indexed in Google, which is all of them, and there’s a small bit of search engine traffic coming in.

I wasn’t expecting a miracle, so results are quite good. The next question is going to be where new readers will come from in the coming months?

Traffic is down because it’s a nice weekend in many of the traditional cold weather parts of the world. People have cabin fever, so I’m sure the bigger drop can be expected on the weekend. From what I’ve seen, most people are busiest when most people are at work. I assume this means they surf from the jobsite.

We’ll keep on humping as far as the Blog Republic goes this month, so expect more posting and maybe even an article series coming in April.

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