3 easy ways to market your blog online

March 29, 2006 – 10:22 am

by Darren

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Okay, you have a blog. You’ve been blogging like an insane person. The spouse is ready to divorce you and even the neighbors are beginning to talk. But now that you’ve chronicled your scribblings online, no one is reading them. What to do. What to do?

Now is the time to market your blog online and there are three can’t miss ways you can do this:

1) Join a forum and promote your website through the use of a signature file. First, make sure the community allows commercial advertising in their forum, and if they do, add one or two occurences of your URL and a small marketing phrase. Do not post your URL in any thread, especially when you’re a new user or you’ll create resistance. Face facts: the forum probably existed long before your website did, so to start talking about it in every thread is just rude. However, a person who becomes an active and respected forum member can build decent traffic to their website, and it’s all tightly related.

2) Use PPC Advertising. I don’t mean spend a ton, but you should at least run a $50 campaign so that you can see how visitors react to your website, and see if you’re targeting the right market. It could save you hundreds of hours of man power if you see that things just aren’t clicking. PPC will be instant, so you can get feedback a lot faster than if you just wait to see what the search engines drag in.

3) Get help from other bloggers and promote yourself in the blogosphere. The blogosphere works a bit differently than the non-blogosphere, in that it’s generally easier to acquire useful links. Enter your website into all of the applicable niche directories and blog directories you find, and make sure you claim your blog at the popular social bookmarking websites like Digg and Technorati. Submit articles about blog-related subjects to article directories and submit content to blogs that accept it. Don’t settle on one tactic and keep on hustling.

These tactics may seem basic to you, but they’ll get you started in the right direction.  The main thing to do is get out there and promote.  Use common sense and be nice and respectful to the places that can help you.  Don’t become frustrated if you’re rejected at first, you’ll see much greater results as the months roll on.

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    2. thanks - i’m def going to bookmark this site. i have found this article brillinat and i cant wait to get started. Social bookmarking is def the best ive found with other websites. Within one week i found my posts ranked on page 1 of google

      By fred on Dec 11, 2006

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