When it comes to blogging content is King

March 26, 2006 – 2:05 pm

by Darren

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Content always matters on the internet, but even more so when it comes to blog. Blogs were the original online journal, where people went to pour their outs every day. This meant that most bloggers were loquacious, effortlessly effusing grandeloquent verbiage on an unsuspecting internet daily. Back then, they probably didn’t expect anyone to really read their words, or if anyone did, it would be a small crowd at best.

A blog is a place for writers to write

Sure you can post pictures, or even a podcast, but at the heart of blogging is the written word. And at the core of every search engine algorhythm is a love for the written word, as well.  If you can maintain posting, and do it a relatively high quality of posts, you give visitors and search engines a great deal to visit your website about, and a recent to do it frequently.  Blogging constantly does this for your websites content:

  • Adds fresh content, which gives visitors a reason to return that they don’t have for a static website
  • Makes your website a “source” of updated information on your particular niche, and makes you more likely to receive incoming links from related websites.
  • Adds breadth to your website with a lot of information in one place concerning your niche.  Visitors who come to your website will search your archives: once impressed with the impressive amount of related information there, they’ll bookmark the website to return to in the future.

You don’t have to be a great writer to be a great blogger, but you should always try to communicate with people as clearly as possible.  If you blog often, you’re creating an archive that will be helpful to others in the present and in the future.  Consider this to be your intellectual property, and in fact, it could easily become your retirement income, as long as people are still interested in your niche.

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