For long term blogging success, reputation counts

March 25, 2006 – 10:11 am

by Darren

When you think of popular blogs, you probably think of ones that are “well-known”, and in that phrase lies a clue for their success. Masses of people think they “know” particular blogs and bloggers, and this is an excellent indication that the blogger has done a great job of branding themselves. Bloggers with the best reputations are the most widely known. If you want to succeed in blogging, you need to establish a reputation as a reliable source of information and consistent updates.

What are some ways to hurt your trust

Developing a “win at all costs” attitude might help you for awhile, but it is usually counter to long term success. The reason is that over-aggressiveness can hurt your brand name and reputation with the very people who could help you the most. If you market your blog, define the line between assertive and aggressive marketing.

Many bloggers are technologically savvy

Many are top-notch web developers, so they take being spammed very seriously. If you are pushy in their community, you set off a chain of resistance where co-operation would seemlessly grease the wheels the commerce. Sure, you love your website, but what’s the chance a “GREAT SITE PLZ CLICK HERE” message in a popular forum will really set your blog in motion to the top of the charts? Not one site in the Technorati 100 is their because of spamming forums or other blog’s comment fields, I would venture to say. They get there because of determination and skill levels.  Don’t try short-cutting your way to the top. Unless, you’re really clever :)

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