3 ways to track the progress of your blog

March 20, 2006 – 12:45 pm

by Darren

If you plan on working on your blog professionally, you need to keep track of your progress. Long periods of time might pass in which it seems like you’ve made little or no headway. If you have a way of benchmarking your results, you may find out your worries are unfounded. There are three metrics you can easily use to measure the progress of your blog.

How much traffic are you getting?

Traffic tends to be over-analyzed to a degree, and it’s easy to understand why. Traffic is the raw commodity that helps your blog grow. Traffic is the juice which keeps new people showing up daily and keeps you revenue and readership increasing. Stagnant or declining traffic levels can clearly give you a warning sign than an income slip is coming. For this reason you’ll want a stats package that you can easily understand, which will show you the basics of your website traffic. If you have Perl installed, you could take a look at AXS which will show you livetime search engine referrers, among other features. You can find any number of packages, but make sure you at least get a good feel for your numbers and how they grow.

Is your readership growing?

The next major question you need ask is, are you gaining readers every month? If the answer is no, you need to take corrective action. The main life source of your blog is your readers. If you aren’t gaining readers, you may not be marketing correctly, or worse yet, people aren’t sticking around to read much or join. This means you’ll have to step up the level of your content. Consider how competitive blogging really is. People can choose to read the blog posts of many millions of people. In order to choose yours, they want to be assured that your blog is of the highest caliber, not just some thrown together thing that doesn’t represent your best work. You have to put in the effort to make the type of quality postings that attract both incoming links and readers.

Your blog is making you more money every month 

This is the most fun and the best way to track the progress of your blog.  Are you making more money from your blogging this month, then you were the month before?  If so, I guarantee that you’ve been doing many things right, including the two things mentioned earlier.  When you gain traffic, and convert that traffic to readers, you get a higher income.  The more times your ad display, the more clicks and income your receive so a steady influx of readers and traffic will assure you keep on get pay raises.  In the game of blogging for dollars, this constant increase of revenue is the surest form of positive feedback to keep a blogger blogging.

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  2. AXS Admin is a very nice stat program. It’s easy to use and gives a lot of useful information on your visitors.

    By heather on Mar 20, 2006

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