3 fantastic reasons link bait is so important

March 17, 2006 – 7:52 am

by Darren

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I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “link bait”. It describes a blogger or webmaster who writes an article with the intention of attracting links. Of course, in order to do this, they produce a high quality article or research piece which contains unique and useful information. There’s a great number of reasons people would do this, and we take a look at three of them.

Incoming links make readers aware of your blog

This is important, especially if your blog is newer. Chances are excellent that you won’t have a huge readership if you’re new, so any link from an established blogger gives you a chance to convert their readership into your own. This is no different than a Hip Hop star who collaborates on someone else’s CD in order to diversify his fan-base. The more blogs that you’re mentioned on, the more likely you are to have a diverse and active readership, which is the heart and soul of any blogging business.

Incoming links increase you importance to the Big Three Search Engines

The search engines are a lot like high school. The more popular you are, the better you’ll do overall. It takes no degree in rocket science to peruse the search engines results pages in MSN, Yahoo, and Google to see that the most-linked to websites are the ones that fair best. How did these websites garner so many incoming links? They did so by producing tons of quality material which gets routinely linked to by webmasters searching for information. If you produce great content, you can expect more than your fair share of incoming links.

Incoming links make you popular with the Big Blog Sites

If you plan on getting traffic in the so-called Blogosphere, you’ll have to do well in sites like Technorati. Fortunately for you, the same principle concerning incoming links applies: the more the merrier. For you to be listed at the top of Technorati of similar sites, expect that you’ll need many thousands of incoming links, and you’ll need them coming in over a long period of time. The way for you to get these links is to offer the readers something they can really use.

Link bait is a good thing. You can help yourself while helping others. Give people something to discuss and comment on, and they’ll happily link back to you. If you can find a method to consistently produce link bait, the this will make your overall blogging job just that much easier.

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    2. Thanks for the great ideas.
      Putting up quality information is bound to get recognized, whatever field you’re in. No matter if it’s about being a parent or being a businessperson.
      Always be sure to keep to the point, and make yourself clear on your purpose.

      By heather on Mar 18, 2006

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