Remaining consistent beyond the initial burst of enthusiasm

March 16, 2006 – 11:31 am

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People who launch websites often do so with a flurry of activity. They have a new idea and they’re excited, so they naturally tell everyone they can think of, they place the new URL in their signature files for email and forums, and they generally get the word out everywhere they can think of. At first, the pace is rapid, which continues to fill the excitement. But let’s face facts, unless the topic you’re writing on has a ton of interest, or you have a ton of friends with blogs, then you might run into some problems.

Remember that consistent work pays off

There are very few shortcuts to the top, especially in a crowded field like blogging or webmastering. If you plan on building a marketable domain that gets tons of traffic, you’ll have to do what everyone does, and that is work hard. Working hard won’t be enough, you’ll also have to learn how to work smart. You’ll need to use the latest technologies, and you’ll need to become proficient in as many technical areas as possible.

Treat your internet marketing like any other job

By that I mean make sure you get up and get to work. If you were planning on being a successful manager at McDonald’s, you’d be expected to arrive at work at a reasonable time and put in a legitimate effort. Internet marketing is no different. Get rid of any ideas of scheming your way to the top and get down to brass tacks. The best sites out there, the ones you truly admire, they’re all made by people who loved their work and put in the hours. If you do the same, you’ll end up with similar results.

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