Basic search engine marketing begins

March 15, 2006 – 8:12 am

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Since this website is about 48 hours old, we’re not seeing a ton of visitors just yet. That’s really no surprise. It takes awhile for the internet to take notice of any new venture. And the reasons why are obvious: the internet has seen it all before. The surfers and spiders that make up the internet have all seen a new website that is started with great enthusiam end in dismal, spent failure.

Why do some websites fail while others succeed?

People will give you lots of opinions when you ask the question, and I’ll be no exception. I think websites fail because of lack of promotions. I feel that many perfectly high-quality websites never see the light of day because no one gets out there and promotes them enough. I don’t plan on letting lack of promotions get in the way of promoting the Blog Republic.

Starting with the basics and sticking with basics

Since this is a blog, there doesn’t seem to be a huge need for heavy-handed promotional techniques. A slow and steady approach is most likely to win the game. That means the basic strategy for search engine marketing is consistency. We must consistently promote the website, rather than fall prey to ups and downs. With consistent promotions, any website is likely to succeed, due to the great amounts of traffic on the internet.

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